HELLO AGAIN, so i wanted to ask, what’s your favorite moment @panda plan??? that’s very important THANK YOU <3 ?


Tribute GIF set of kpop group HISTORY, lyrics taken from their song ‘What Am I to You?’


[TWITTER] 140415 Kim Si Hyoung

”@/Babystaly: 여러분 지금 이 노래 듣고 계신가요? 크루셜스타와 작사에 참여하면서 꿈꾸는 모든 청춘들에게 힘이되는 노래를 쓰고 싶었어요! 많이 사랑해주세요!💕 pic.twitter.com/Pdub5WIcbg”지수야 화이팅해~좋다 좋아~^^

”@/Babystaly: Everyone are you listening to this song right now? I took part in the writing with Crucial Star and I’ve wanted to write a song that would give strength to all of the dreaming youths! Please give it lots of love!💕 pic.twitter.com/Pdub5WIcbg”Jisu fighting~It’s good I like it~^^

trans cr; his-torybegins
please take out with full credits

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